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Sears looks to 'cooler' side to spark apparel sales
HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILL. -- Sears Roebuck hopes younger customers will warm up to the apparel featured in its fall advertising campaign, called "Cooler Every Day." [...]

Produce industry makes healthy enjoyable
The retail tour that ended the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit demonstrated that vendors are building on trends that already are rooted in retail. By helping produce suppliers get the word out to consumers, by offering convenient alternatives [...]

A healthy industry: annual production of 500 million yards is on the horizon
Concrete prices have risen, the industry is more efficient, and producers are fast becoming better financial performers. That, in a nutshell, is what the 2005 Industry Data Survey shows. [...]

Separate but equal? Can science tell us anything about religion?
In February 450 churches celebrated Charles Darwin's birthday with sermons arguing that religion and evolution do not contradict one another. [...]